Working with schools

pupils visiting Metrom GmbH
pupils visiting Metrom GmbH
Framework Agreement with the Ministry of State for Education and Culture

The Free State of Saxony has a comprehensive network of technology and business start-up centres. Introducing schoolchildren and young people to the regional economy and to the world of technology and innovation is an important goal of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Sächsischen Technologiezentren, of which the TCC is a member.

To achieve this aim, the members of the AG TZ-S have entered into framework agreements with the Saxon Ministry of State for Education and Culture to partner general-education schools and secondary schools. The aim is to increase contact with schoolchildren and teachers with start-up technology companies and to provide up to date information on the innovative economy in Saxony.

A legal framework is thus also created for the TCC to cooperate with schools in Chemnitz and the surrounding area and for schoolchildren to participate in regional and cross-regional projects.

Partnership agreements

Partnership agreements have also been drawn up with a number of secondary schools in Chemnitz. On this basis, the TCC is working jointly on the following training objectives:
  • Transfer of knowledge on the economics of modern SMEs and their structures, from setting up a business to expansion investment and locating a business within the region’s commercial areas,
  • Information on the structure and tasks of regional economic promotion and technology transfer, with a focus on promoting and supporting business start-ups,
  • Integration of the regional industry and promotion of the local economy within the structures of the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union and the global industry structure.