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20 Years of the TCC: A History

Part 1: 1990-1994

As far back as 1990, consultations were provided on setting up a company with a technological focus.
As far back as 1990, consultations were provided on setting up a company with a technological focus.
Way back in 1990, two colleagues of the Aachen-based business, Mr Kallweit and Mr Pack, hold regular training sessions covering all questions on founding a business with a technological focus. The main interest in these events comes from employees from regional industrial research establishments, academic institutes and universities going through a period of transformation.
  • Planning, construction and reconstruction measures for the Technologie Centrum Chemnitz  project
  • Start-up meeting by the shareholders in August, legal confirmation of founding in December, managing director: Herbert Pagel (AGIT - Aachen Regional Development Agency)
First TCC site in Bernsdorfer Straße
First TCC site in Bernsdorfer Straße
Following its establishment at the end of 1990 and temporary location on university premises, the TCC obtains its first building in 1991. After extensive renovation works, the TCC opens at the Bernsdorfer Straße site on 23rd October. Initially, the site houses two companies with six employees. However, with a rentable surface area of 1,200 m², it soon turns out to be too small. Within four months, the entire premises are rented. Twelve companies move into the premises at this time.

  • Exhibition of the founding documentation for the Technologie Centrum Chemnitz GmbH on 1st October
  • Promotion of seven businesses as part of the “Founding a Company with a Technological Focus” program by the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology

  • From 13th October, Dr. Manfred Goedecke becomes managing director of the TCC
  • First companies on the waiting list to move into the TCC, expansion of the TCC to a second site is considered
  • Founding of the “ATT Technology Transfer Working Group” (ATT Arbeitskreis Technologietransfer e.V.)
  • First participation by the TCC and client companies at the Techno 92 trade fair, annual presence at subsequent INTEC and SIT trade fairs

  • From 1st March, Prof. Dr. Dieter Tischendorf becomes managing director of the company, Mr Pagel steps down as managing director
  • Study “Analysis and Deduction of Framework Conditions for the Development and Location of New Technology-Focused Businesses in the Chemnitz Region as Independent Components of Structural Change”
  • First joint project with TCC as the leading partner: “SPRINT 277: Introduction and Spread of Advanced Production Technologies for SMEs from various European Regions”

  • First meeting of technology transfer and innovation-promoting institutions in the Chemnitz administrative district
  • Joint project in Saxony: “Analysis and Set-up of Selective Industrial and Research Potential in the Aerospace Industry”